The Biggest Benefits of Living in a Townhome

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Individuals, couples, and small families looking for more space than an apartment can provide should strongly consider buying or renting a townhome. This kind of living arrangement offers numerous benefits, making it attractive for a wide range of people. Whether you are looking for a place to own yourself or are more focused on finding townhomes for rent in Buffalo NY and the surrounding area, there are a lot of advantages to this style of living.

Access to Greenspace

One of the biggest perks to finding townhomes to rent in Amherst NY and the surrounding area is the greenspace that comes with most properties. Almost all of these homes come with a small plot of land, usually large enough for a barbeque and space for your pets or children to play. If you enjoy gardening or spending time outside without having to leave the house, this might be the perfect move.


Buying or renting a townhome is typically a lot cheaper than looking for single-family, detached dwellings. Though you may not get as much space as with a larger house, the space you do have is usually laid out efficiently. Additionally, a smaller area means reduced costs. Not only is your mortgage or rent going to be lower, but you are also going to save money on utility bills and other maintenance costs.

Multi-Level Living

Multi-level living is another huge perk of buying or renting a townhome. This lets you keep your sleep areas separate and distinct from entertainment ones and ensures that there is enough space for everyone. In some cases, you can even opt for a finished basement to give your family even more room.

Live in a Community

Today’s modern society isn’t always set up to promote a sense of community. Detached homes are often quite far away from one another, making it hard to get to know your neighbors. Apartment dwelling presents the opposite problem – sometimes you overhear so much from your neighbors’ units that you don’t necessarily want to get to know them better. Townhomes give you the perfect compromise. While the close proximity of each house to the other naturally lends itself to a more communal nature, the walls are usually thicker than in apartments, offering a lot more privacy.

Convenient Location

Most townhome complexes are located within urban communities, making it easy to get groceries on the way home from work or to grab a coffee after dropping the kids off at school. Developers are eager to build this style of complex in accessible locations, so you may also find amenities like public transit and entertainment destinations within walking distance.

Depending on the complex you live in, you may also benefit from amenities like on-site parking, snow removal in the winter, and lawn maintenance services in the summer. For those with busy lifestyles, these conveniences can make townhome life exceptionally attractive.

If you are looking for a rental or are hoping to find townhomes for sale in Buffalo, NY or the surrounding area, get in touch with the team at Buffalo Niagara Realty Group to learn more about some of the top properties for rent and for sale today.

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