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Property management at Niagara Falls NY
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magnify niagara falls property managementYou are sure to find a variety of reasons that makes BNRG the best-rated property management company. If you’re looking to find the highest landlord retention rate, with local landlords, you need to come to us. Of course, we understand that you aren’t going in blindly. It’s important to know that we are highly responsible, efficient, dependable, and innovative. This ensures that you get the high-quality service you desire from a property management company.

Though just recently formed a few years ago, BNRG has the goal of always doing things as efficiently as possible so that it is better. We do this in a variety of ways, and you benefit from the savings as a landlord.Niagara Falls best property management

Utilize Our 24/7 Uniformed, In-house Maintenance Personnel

It never seems to end with tenants needing this or that. You may get multiple calls a day with repair needs, appliance issues, and all the rest. Other property managers outsource vendors to help with property maintenance, but not us. We only use in-house maintenance personnel. Regardless of who we send to your residents, they always arrive at the door in uniform. Plus, they are available 24 hours a day.

In-house Maintenance Personnel

We only use in-house maintenance personnel

This means that our tenants can report property issues using our online system. Just direct them to our website, and their concerns are then immediately assigned to a trained maintenance staff person. Your tenants are taken care of quickly, which means they remain satisfied with you and their home. Of course, we take emergency cases and can get there quickly to reduce further damage to your property. This ensures that your tenants and the building are protected from hazards and injuries. Remember, Western New York and specifically Niagara Falls, are famous for their cold winters. It’s easy to imagine frozen pipes and other issues.

Luckily, when you hire us, you can sleep easy at night because your property is in our capable hands.

BNRG is proud to claim that our:

  • Emergency response times are 60 minutes or less on average
  • Non-essential response times can average around 24 hours or less

Streamline Turnover with Elite Brokerage, Rental, and Sales Teams

You are going to find that we have a first-class brokerage, rental, and sales teams. When an apartment becomes vacant, we can immediately clean and prepare it using our in-house staff. Then, it is posted online within a few hours. Our team can display these apartment units to interested potential tenants the next day.

Niagara falls viewYou don’t have to conduct multiple individual showings to interested parties. Your prospects can all attend a scheduled group showing. This can create more demand for your place, which gets your apartment rented much sooner.

Let’s say that you have an apartment for rent on Wednesday. Before then, our team is there, taking pictures and getting it posted online. Within the next 48 hours, our lease agents start displaying the unit. Plus, our in-house maintenance team can inspect all of the areas of the place to ensure that it is suitable for rent. The cleaning crew also comes in and preps from top to bottom.

A competitor is likely to use multiple third-party companies to complete all this, which is going to take a lot longer.

Low Rates throughout Niagara Falls and Western New York

BNRG features the lowest rates throughout Niagara Falls, NY. Our system is efficient and lets us do all of the work needed without having to cut corners. We can also minimize financial waste and overhead costs and pass those savings onto you. With all that, you may be surprised that we also shoulder every problem that comes your way so that you can relax and collect your rental checks.

If you are interested, please contact us today.

BNRG Properties

BNRG Properties

Address: Power City Building. 225 Old Falls St, Suite M, Niagara Falls, NY. 14303.

Office: (716) 285-8860
Office: (716) 285-8864


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