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If you are looking for a summer, vacation, or even a permanent residence in Niagara Falls, the Buffalo Niagara Realty Group, or BNRG, is here to help you. BNGR’s mission is to work to get people into the staggering amount of vacant properties in the Niagara Falls area. BNGR makes it a point to work closely with their partners to find and ultimately purchase the problem properties, which are typically several years in tax arears, dilapidated, and a high cause of resident complaints. BNRG’s efforts are an attempt to clean up Niagara county by adopting forgotten properties.

Our mission is to re-beautify Niagara County

Since BNRG is a private investment firm, they have the ability to pay in cash and bring these properties to a quick closing. Once they have acquired these problem properties, BNRG works very closely with a Niagara Falls real estate agent and professional and licensed inspectors to determine the next steps in the process. The property is then rehabilitated and spruced up, all repairs required to stabilize are completed, and it is rented and ultimately managed by a BNRG subsidiary, BNRG Properties, LLC. BNGR has made it their personal mission to re-beautify Niagara County by caring for its terrain and renters.

The best real estate agent is here for you!

Since BNGR is a realty group, not only can they help people looking to rent and purchase properties, their skilled and reliable agents can also help current residents looking to sell or sublet their properties. BNGR takes great pride in the work their agents do and are always working to better themselves and their services. If you are looking for the best possible home renting or buying experience, the BNGR agents are the ones for you.

30 million people visiting Niagara Falls each year

BNGR has a large variety of properties available to rent or buy in the Niagara County area. The properties available all go through rigorous inspections and received updates from licensed professional to ensure that the work is high quality. Niagara County is one of America’s greatest treasures and a highly traveled tourist area. Anyone owning property in Niagara County could find a lucrative side business in renting their homes or some rooms on AIRBNB or other home sharing options. With an estimated 30 million people visiting Niagara Falls each year, it is important that the Niagara County community put its best foot forward to greet its visitors with well maintained and beautiful properties. Tourism is a truly excellent economic booster, and a little effort goes a long way.

BNRG Properties

BNRG Properties

Address: Power City Building. 225 Old Falls St, Suite M, Niagara Falls, NY. 14303.

Office: (716) 285-8860
Office: (716) 285-8864


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