Investing in Buffalo’s Real Estate Market

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Real Estate Market in Buffalo
Buffalo Real Estate Agency BNRG

No matter where you are in the world, if you are looking at long-term investing, the real estate market is your best bet. For those living in Buffalo, New York, the market is at its prime at the moment, which means, if you can buy, do it. The average cost of a home is currently $103,000, while the U.S. average is $243,000. It is expected that in one year you can start to see a return in your investment.

A Growing City 

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The best of Buffalo real estate news in one place

Buffalo is considered a blue-collar city, with railroad commerce, steel, and automobile production being a few of its primary industries. Due to this status, and its economic stability, investing in Buffalo real estate is becoming a reality for many who have the means.

Don’t have the funds to buy a new-build and rent it out? BNRG Properties is one company that invests in vacant and abandoned properties through Buffalo and revitalizes them into investment-worthy properties.

What better way to invest in real estate through a fix-upper home?


Why Invest in Buffalo Real-Estate?


Buffalo is becoming a city that holds many desirable neighborhoods. The cost of a home is not only reasonable but for those looking to start off their family, what better city to start a family than one that has all the room for growth and prosperity?


Another reason to invest in Buffalo is that the return on the property is higher here than any other major city in the U.S.


Temporary or Permanent Housing


Buffalo's property management news

Property Management in Buffalo NY

Next to Seattle, California, Aspen, or New York, Buffalo is regarded as one of the most active AirBNB markets.


Why is AirBnB big in Buffalo? What could be drawing the crowds to this city?


Some major attractions in Buffalo that are helping with the Buffalo AirBnB market are:


  • The Buffalo Zoo – Featuring exotic and endangered animals, the Buffalo Zoo was first opened in 1875.
  • Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens – Sitting on over 155-acres, this 200-year old botanical garden features a glass dome, which was designed after the Crystal Palace and Key Gardens in the U.K.
  • Albright-Knox Art Gallery – Are you a fan of Warhol, van Gogh, or Renoir? Visit the Albright-Know Art Gallery, which features both international and local artists.


Another reason that Buffalo’s AirBnB market is so strong is for its national sports teams. From their football team, Buffalo Bills to their NHL team, Buffalo Sabres, buying tickets to any of these major sporting events is cheaper than in most cities.


Smart Investing in Buffalo 


The real estate market can be hard to navigate. Still, with services and companies such as BNRG Properties, it can be a bit easier to do so with confidence. There is a lot to gain and profit when you buy the right property and do it the right way – don’t miss out on a chance to get into an industry that is sometimes known for being exclusive. Build and diversify your real estate portfolio with properties ranging from residential to commercial and watch your profits grow over time.

BNRG Properties

BNRG Properties

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