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The Buffalo Niagara Realty Group (BNRG) have made it their own personal mission to turn the innumerable vacant properties in the Buffalo area into well loved, occupied homes once again. BNRG has a very specific process they undertake in order to identify and purchase abandoned properties that have been neglected into disrepair. These properties typically are years in arears on their property taxes, have become dilapidated, and are the number one cause for resident complaint in the area. As residents of Erie County, BNRG feel that is their responsibility to help re-beautify the area by investing in her forgotten properties.

Because BNRG is a private investment firm, they have the unique ability to pay for these properties in cash and bring them to a quick close. Once they have acquired the dilapidated properties, they collaborate closely with real estate consultants and licensed inspectors to determine what each property needs. Once they determine a course of action, the property is rehabilitated, the steps required to stabilize it are completed, the property is rented, and it is then managed by a subsidiary of BNRG, BNRG Properties, LLC. Every landlord is vetted and has been deemed an ethical person to manage a BNRG property.

Buffalo Niagars Realty Group

Each and every Buffalo real estate agent from BNRG prides themselves on their loyalty and reliability. As personal residents of the area, they go to great lengths to ensure they are doing everything they can to try and maintain the integrity and history of the beautiful place in which they reside. A BNRG agent always works hard for you and does their utmost to ensure you are satisfied not only with property you choose, but with the experience in which you find it. It is important to our agents that each customer end their search feeling satisfied and positive about the interaction.

Erie County and the Buffalo area are a surprisingly popular tourist destination in America, with about 16 million tourists visiting each year. Because of this influx of tourists, BNRG recognizes how important it is to keep these tourist areas beautiful to entice more people to come. Because of this high tourist population, there could also be plentiful opportunities to home share with programs like AIRBNB and other options like it. Let us work with you to take back our communities and turn these abandoned and forgotten properties into cherished and beloved homes and vacation destinations once more.

BNRG Properties

BNRG Properties

Address: Power City Building. 225 Old Falls St, Suite M, Niagara Falls, NY. 14303.

Office: (716) 285-8860
Office: (716) 285-8864

Email: office@bnrgproperties.com

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