Buffalo Niagars Realty Group

About BNRG

Buffalo Niagara Realty Group, Inc. (BNRG) has a simple mission: to return the thousands of vacant and abandoned properties found throughout Erie/Niagara County to productive use. BNRG works with its partners and principals to identify and acquire specific vacant and abandoned properties throughout Erie and Niagara County. These properties are multiple years’ tax delinquent, often the source of resident complaint, and are generally in need of substantial repairs.

As a private investment firm, BNRG is able to offer cash and quick closing, to acquire an individual property. After acquisition, BNRG Staff survey each property carefully with professional inspectors and real estate professionals. Properties are rehabbed, stabilized, rented, sold, then professionally managed by our subsidiary, BNRG Properties, LLC. BNRG Staff and its Board of Directors take pride in prioritizing first time homebuyers and responsible investors to sell properties to. BNRG seeks responsible and professional real estate investors and welcomes contact from those with an interest in a BNRG owned-managed property. Strong partnerships between BNRG, community leaders, local residents and investors will enable the corporation to meet its mission and continue to improve every Erie/Niagara County community.

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